A Calm Environment



Next Step are pleased to announce the opening of the new centre based at the 1855 building on the site adjacent to the Eureka museum.  This is to replace the site at Clay House that had become too small to meet the increasing demand for the service.  The new site is specifically geared towards people who would like a less busy environment and is popular with Next steppers on the Autism spectrum.

The site is located in the town centre, therefore the Next Steppers remain within the heart of the community and have easy access to public transport, being right next to the train station and near to the bus station. The area is spacious and houses computers, a quiet area and in the near future will include a sensory space. There is a large room to run activities and a kitchen facility. The transition for Next Steppers to this new location has gone well and there are now eight individuals accessing 1855 regularly.




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