We Need Your Help!

In order to continue to meet our primary objective of having “Happier Next Steppers” it is our dream to meet their hydrotherapy needs….

We are hoping to build OUR OWN ON-SITE HYDROTHERAPY POOL and would like your help to raise money towards this exciting new facility.

We are looking to fundraise enough to cover the cost, which is expected to be £150,000.


Why Is Hydro So Important?


Hydrotherapy involves stimulation and gentle exercise in water at a constant temperature of 33-36 °C. As a bonus, pools often integrate multi-sensory equipment such as lighting and sound to stimulate the senses. The gravity free hydrotherapy environment offers multiple physical and physiological benefits.

A few of these benefits are…

  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Assistance with joint movement
  • Improving spatial awareness
  • Improved breathing
  • Boosts immune system
  • Stimulates blood supply, improving the function of internal organs
  • Relief of pain and muscle spasm
  • Freedom of movement increasing independence to standing in water


Problems We Currently Face…


  • Our transport is currently occupied primarily for accessing ‘local’ therapeutic activities, thus restricting our Next Steppers opportunities to access leisure and social activities.
  • We have access to only two hydro pools in the area that are both at schools and are primarily used for their own students.
  • The hydro available slots are limited to off peak times such as lunch times or after school hours which when taking into account travelling and meeting personal care needs means the actual numbers we can find slots for do not meet the ever increasing demand we are experiencing.
  • Within the school holidays, we cannot access these hydrotherapy pools at all, which has a large impact on the services we offer.


Donations So Far:


Kind donations from friends of The Next Step Trust, local businesses and through fundraising has brought our current total to £52,967.77.

The remaining balance to raise is £97,032.23.


Can You Help?


If you are able to help towards our fundraising for the hydro pool in any way, or know anybody that may be, please get in touch with us. Thank you.