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About Me


Hi, I’m Luke and I come to next Step Monday to Friday. I am usually based at the Clare Road centre in the town centre. I have a sister, a brother and a niece. My family are very important to me, especially my mum. I have some difficulty with my sight, and rely on my support workers to guide me when I am walking. I am a real chatterbox and love to know all about what is happening at the different centres. I have lots of friends at Next Step, as I used to go to school with some of the people who attend.



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My Week At Next Step


I like you to explain to me what I will be doing each day, and I choose which activities I enjoy most. In a typical week, I do many different activities. I like to keep busy!

As I am based in the town centre it means I can walk to a variety of places that I enjoy. I do baking sessions to help the catering staff in the kitchen. I also enjoy going to the local gym where I have become friendly with lots of the general public who also attend.

I love to go for trips on the buses, I talk to the bus driver and always make people smile. I have a real passion for music and I am always singing along to my favourite tunes, I encourage people to join in with me. I often walk into town to do some shopping, and I always like to go to a café for a nice cup of tea.

My support staff know me really well, and I know everybody who attends Next Step by name. I really enjoy helping out on the reception desk and answering the phone!



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