Objective one:  To have happier Next Steppers.

It’s all about the Next Steppers! We originally provided services to young people between the ages of 19-25 years but now it’s about providing young people (including the young at heart if not young in years) with the services that they need to live happier lives both now and in the future. Because of this, we’ll make sure that our services are always of the highest standards possible.


Objective two:  Be a financially healthy organisation.

Without money we will not be able to fulfil our mission! We know that we are helping to improve the lives of people with complex needs and we can’t allow ourselves to be in a position where we may not be able to continue providing our services. We will focus on having a good balance between contracted, traded and funding income and also on making sure that we remain financially viable by managing and controlling our costs. By developing new trading services we are ensuring that we can look to the future too.


Objective three:  Demonstrate commitment to our mission through operational excellence.

Getting the detail right matters! We need to govern responsibly and operate effectively in order to give the best possible service to our Next-Steppers. From how we recruit staff to how we manage our finances and from how we act safely to how we deliver excellent customer service – all this and much more has a key part to play in the development of our organisation.


Objective four:  Inspire and embrace the wider world.

It’s a big world out there and we want to say “Hi”! There are people beyond our own community that need the services we provide so they need to know about us. There are people who are working for the same reasons that we do so we need to know about them and learn from each other. And there are people who decide how things are going to be in the future – we’re so close to the real issues affecting people with complex needs that we need to ensure that our voice is heard.




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