The Trust does have vacancies:



Respite Support Worker – Two Part Time Positions

We are advertising to recruit two Part Time Respite Support Workers.

16 hours per week with the possibility of bank work for the day service and outreach.




Minibus Driver Support Worker

We are advertising to recruit a Minibus Driver Support Worker.

Five days a week. Split shift- 20hrs a week with potential of more hours.



Bank Support Workers

We are looking for Bank Support Workers.

Whilst the Trust employs a team of dedicated Support Workers, there are many occasions when extra support is needed, for instance when staff members are on training courses or on holiday, and we are looking to build up a list of people who can be called in as replacements.

Ideally we know well in advance that help is needed, but there will be times, for instance due to staff sickness, when very short notice is all that can be given.

The duties and responsibilities are exactly the same as for full-time staff. These jobs will be paid on a ‘by day’ basis, but we cannot guarantee what the demand will be for any particular individual. Ideally we would like people who could be available for complete working weeks, but even if you could only be available for, say, Mondays, we would still like to hear from you.