All the activities of the Trust are based on five interlocking and overlapping values:



The people who use our services need to know that we are here for the long-term – that we will be walking the next steps with them. Our partners and suppliers need to recognise our commitment too, so that we can all work together to support more fulfilling lives for people with complex needs. We will be consistent, determined and embrace the challenges in our work, and always be focussed on being the best we can be for the people we are here to support.



We see people as people, and respect them for their differences. There are boundaries within which we expect people to act, and these are based on putting the people we support at the heart of all we do. The respect we have for our work will never allow those boundaries to be compromised.



The Trust will extend the hand of friendship to the people who use our services but also to their families too. By being here, we will create a place where people can come together, have a sense of belonging, and feel welcome. We will demonstrate loyalty and honesty to our partners and suppliers, and ask for this in return. Friendship will help overcome challenges in a way that conflict cannot, and through this we will be able to do the best we can for the people we support.



It is important to our Next Steppers and their families that we are able to respond to their developing health and social needs. We are confident in working together in a flexible manner to respond and be resilient towards changes in the world around us.



To make everyone feel included and happy we are kind to each other.  We will listen, show compassion and be considerate to others.  We will make time to learn and respect others thoughts and feelings.




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