“Working together to support a fulfilling life for people with complex needs”.


Our Social Mission is an enduring mission that we will always be striving to achieve. To achieve it is something more than important – it is worthwhile! And this leads to a series of positioning statements for the Trust:

  • The Next Step Trust is a social purpose organisation that works in a caring, professional and enterprising way to provide the highest levels of support services possible for people with complex needs.
  • Through recognising individuality, we work in a flexible and responsive way to meet the needs of each person who uses our services.
  • People with complex needs deserve to have the same opportunities and choices in life as other people – the Trust works with parents, carers, professionals and other support organisations to make this happen.
  • Our services are provided in a safe, healthy, happy and stimulating environment to support the development of a person’s independence, responsibility and potential.





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