The Next Step Trust is proud to offer the opportunity of Apprenticeships to young people in the local community. As an ‘Investor In People’ we subscribe to the value of sharing the skills and knowledge we have to encourage young people into this area of work.

As with our other paid roles we have a recruitment process for the Apprenticeships. To find out more about the Apprenticeships or to apply please contact us.





Kieran – Former Apprentice

“Hi. I’m Kieran. I have completed my Apprenticeship with the Next Step Trust and now I am a Bank Support Worker. From my time here on the apprenticeship I have learnt more than I ever could of imagined. I have learnt how to support people but I have also made friends at the same time. It’s not just knowledge and practical things I have learnt and discovered, but also things about myself and capabilities that I thought were never possible, thanks to the dedicated staff here at Next Step. I have enjoyed my time here and I hope there are more good times ahead”.



Ruby – Former Apprentice

“During my time as an apprentice I learned lots of new things and got the opportunity to go to college and get an NVQ. I really enjoyed my time at Next Step. The staff were really friendly and always happy to help”.



Steph – Former Apprentice

“I have learnt a lot during my apprenticeship. I have gained new experiences and created a working bond with the Next Steppers and work colleagues as well as parents and carers”.



Katie – Former Apprentice

“Before I came to The Next Step Trust I was doing my childcare qualification but couldn’t find a job. I have always been interested in caring for people and making a difference. When the opportunity came in an apprenticeship I knew I had to take it. I took a shot at it and now am very happy that I did.

I first started at the Next Step Trust as an apprentice and now work as a full time support worker which has been the best thing.

As an apprentice I got welcomed with open arms and helped through my learning. All the staff encouraged me to try everything, and as they still do it now, it has really boosted my confidence in every way possible. From the start I have been encouraged to make the best decisions and think on my own and all the staff are to thank for this.

I have grown throughout my years here and I’ve done it through all the knowledge and help that has been passed down. From starting as an apprentice all the work that I have put into my job has really helped me in becoming a good support worker and I am so appreciative of what everyone has done to ensure I have got to where I am today.

The staff are all very welcoming and willing to help and the Next Steppers are what make the job so fulfilling. Both the staff and the Next Steppers have their own personality which makes every day different and never boring”.



Asha – Former Apprentice

“I started my Apprenticeship at The Next Step Trust in August of 2012 after completing my A-Levels. I didn’t have any experience when I started working at the Trust, these 2 years have given me an opportunity to come out of my shell, the more I’ve grown,  the more my responsibilities have grown also; from answering phone calls, taking messages to now assisting with the invoices and handling petty cash. Working with the team has been educational for me, also I recently finished my Level 3 NVQ in Business Administration which now will help me determine my next step”.



Philip Taylor – Woodspeen Training

Woodspeen Training have used Next step trust to house apprentices for the past 12 months. We are a training provider based in Halifax and source young people to Next Step Trust for Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care.

Next Step Trust are fully supportive of giving young people the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in the workplace. Helen and Preet have a great working relationship with all the apprentices and I could not think of a more appropriate environment for any young aspiring support worker to learn their trade and become fully qualified in Health and social care, keep up the fantastic work”.