How Are We Doing?

Our main aim at The Next Step Trust is to meet the needs of the individuals who use our service.

We strive to be transparent in our provision and offer Next Steppers, their parents and other interested individuals the opportunity to give unbiased feedback on a regular basis. This could either be through annual reviews or feedback forms. We strive to be an outcome-based service and hope to attain the goals of the individuals and recognise their achievements. We take on board the feedback and alter the support provided as required.

We sent feedback forms to parents/carers in September 2018, which included a short questionnaire highlighting the areas where we achieve our goals of happy service users and where we can improve. The feedback is summarised below:

We received 20 forms back from a possible 46.



1. Are our staff welcoming, helpful and professional?

100% said yes.



2. Can we improve upon our communication methods?

One suggestion for more open communication and another requested regular emails regarding an individuals progress.



3. Do you feel supported by The Next step Trust in terms of change in circumstances and/ or your needs?

100% said yes.



4. Parents/ Carers/ Guardians – Do you feel supported by the Next step Trust?

100% said yes.



5. Have you visited our website recently?

15 out of 20 said no.



6. Are you happy with the activities you currently partake in?

100% said yes.



7.  Which activity do you enjoy the most?

The majority of people said hydro/ swimming. Others listed library, Zumba, rebound, bikes, gym, fitness, sensory room, nails, photocopying, sailing, barge, bowling, holistic therapy, work placements, computers, games, holidays, train trips, walks, climbing and dancing.



8. Do you feel as though you have enough choice of activity?

3 people suggested we introduce horse riding.



9. Have your activities been reviewed recently?

Most said yes and 2 didn’t know.



10. Are our sites clean and tidy?

100% said yes

In terms of accessibility, do our sites meet your needs?

100% said yes



11. Are you updated on our site upgrades/ expansion?

About half said no. Someone suggested email updates.



12. Are you happy with the food provided?

100% said yes



13. Does the food we provide meet your nutritional needs?

100% said yes



Feedback Regarding Respite:



Have you been given information regarding our Respite provision?

100% said yes


Those who have used the respite service provided this feedback:
  • Happy/ relaxed, a nice house and outside area
  • Enjoyed seeing friends and going out for tea
  • Liked local walks
  • Nice bedrooms
  • Not a great location ie. Parking and access


Do you feel your stay is tailored to your likes and needs?

100% said yes



General compliments and concerns:



  • Friendly staff
  • Leads supportive and take on board concerns/ queries
  • More encouragement to do different tasks and try reduce portion sizes at lunchtime.
  • Difficulties adjusting to new staff.
  • Good teamwork.
  • Some clothes have gone missing.
  • Thank you – makes life easier
  • Staff are friendly and caring, interact well and are professional
  • Happy with the service/ meets individuals needs/ friendly and caring staff
  • Suggestions to send emails with any updates on developments
  • Caring and friendly staff
  • Individuals enjoy the company of carers
  • Warm and welcoming staff – good having a mix of ages so individuals can spend time with their age group.
  • Staff considerate of needs and good liaison.