We have several suites of specialised computer equipment linked to the internet and to the internal network at all our Centres. Each computer has a touch-sensitive screen and many have specialised keyboards and switches enabling everyone to interact with the digital technology.

We have large-screen interactive Whiteboards linked to the computer system and also to Wii games consoles so Next Steppers can play games together, or simply relax having a foot spa whilst listening to their own personal playlist on You Tube.

A wide variety of specialised software and educational games encourage and enable individuals to maintain and develop their skills at any level in an enjoyable way. For example Next Steppers can develop number and money counting skills, and use the touch screen technology to assist their communication skills.

Our adapted technology extends beyond computers, as we have a variety of switches designed to assist Next Steppers in our Catering facility and also in our Sensory Room.




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