Our Core Activities




Opportunities and Experiences


The Next Step Trust has been established to maximise the potential of the individuals who attend our provision and to open up a range of opportunities and experiences across a wide variety of platforms. We have specific ACTIVITY LEAD staff who regularly research and update the possibilities available. Depending upon the interest, personality and needs of the individual they could choose to have a quiet session listening to the radio while having a massage for example, or going to the climbing wall for an urban adventure! The list of activities is not exhaustive. Our aim is to work with you to ensure you are able to do the things that you enjoy or would like to try.



Our Commitment


Though we hope to provide as wide a variety of activities as possible, we cannot guarantee they will always be available. If circumstances change or the accessibility changes that may impact on the provision. But our commitment will always be to work with you and other providers to continue to look for opportunities and support in new developments.