We have evolved  so much beyond our initial hopes and expectations that our staff numbers have dramatically increased from an initial TWO part-time Support Staff in 2006, to almost SEVENTY currently on our payroll.

Rather than just an exhaustive list of names, we thought it would be more in keeping to reflect how our Support Staff demonstrate their commitment and enjoyment of being an invaluable part of our team. Their hard work and dedication is very much appreciated by our Trustees, Management Team, Professionals and above all our Next Steppers and their Parents.



Below is a selection of comments written by our staff reflecting on their involvement with The Next Step Trust:




“As an apprentice I got welcomed with open arms and helped through my learning. All the staff encouraged me to try everything, and as they still do it now, it has really boosted my confidence in every way possible. From the start I have been encouraged to make the best decisions and think on my own and all the staff are to thank for this.

From starting as an apprentice all the work that I have put into my job has really helped me in becoming a good support worker and I am so appreciative of what everyone has done to ensure I have got to where I am today”.




“Not only do the Next Steppers make this a fantastic service and place to work but the staff do also by being such a warm, welcoming, happy and totally dedicated team. They provide support to the Next Steppers as well as to all other staff members. I have learnt so much from them and know that I will continue to learn, grow and be a part of this family. I am one of the very lucky few people in this world who can say with a smile on my face that I truly love my job”.




“It’s a joy to come to the centre and support such fantastic people every day. Fun Factor!!”.




“After working in the care setting with another company I can honestly say Next Step Trust is a special place to work. The Next Steppers make it a privilege to be here”.




“What I enjoy is the variety of activities that are available to the Next Steppers and the caring nature of the staff”.




“I think it’s a wonderful place to work. We all make a very good team and everybody is very supportive of each other”.




“I have learnt so much about myself during the time I have worked at Next Step as I have been given the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge to develop in my role. Of this I feel honoured to be part of such a positive movement and I am so proud of what we are achieving”.




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