COVID19 – We Need Masks – Can You Help?

Posted on May 19, 2020

Can you help us face the challenge?

We are based in Calderdale and provide support for adults with complex health needs and learning disabilities and we need your help to protect our Next Steppers and Staff alike. Prior to COVID19 Personal Protective Equipment was a huge part of keeping our Next Steppers and Staff safe and well, this has now become a prominent accessory in our day-to-day support and we need your help in keeping our stock levels high enough to meet our need.

Masks are in short supply at the moment and we need them!

Do you have a stockpile of surgical masks or masks suitable to meet the spec below that perhaps you don’t require? Are you able to use a simple mask in place of the surgical spec? Are you handy with a needle and thread and looking to support your local community? Please get in touch!

We are looking for two types of face masks as detailed below and would really appreciate your help. Though we are a charity, we do not expect everybody is in a position to make a charitable donation and are more than happy to contribute to time and materials provided, please agree this prior to making the masks. In addition to having disposable surgical masks, we are aiming for a total of 50 Type 1 and 100 Type 2 masks.

Type 1 – The Simple face covering:

  • Washable
  • Tight-weave fabric e.g. cotton, cotton lawn, poly-cotton (must not be stretchy or synthetic fabrics)
  • When held up to the light, not able to see through the weave
  • Straps to secure in place 

Type 2 – The Shaped face covering:

  • Washable or single use disposable
  • Made of two layers of fabric (a front piece and a lining piece), ideally with a filter, shaped to cover the nose and mouth
  • There mask must sit directly onto the skin leaving no gaps for any fluids to pass through
  • Straps to secure in place

The link above has tutorials and images of what the mask should look like, we’re certainly not shy of a splash of colour and funky pattern so please be creative!

In addition to masks we are looking for waterproof aprons (washable) or single use, surgical aprons. 

Please get in touch with us if you think you may be able to help us in the fight against COVID-19. You can call us on 01422 330938 and ask to speak to Verity or Henny.